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Art Club

Creating art for expression. Led by Nazneen Sheikh of Vision Art Education.
To provide a full sensory experience using art, and to create a sociable, stimulating place to learn new skills.
Includes staff, venue hire and core operational costs.
Beautiful Noise Rock and Pop Choir

Led by choirmaster Angie Smith.
To enable the adults to express feelings via song, to improve mental health and tackle isolation.
Includes choirmaster, venue hire, admin support and core operational costs.
Zumba at Home

By Mandi Cornelius of MJ Fitness.
To improve physical health while also boosting confidence and emotional well-being via fun activity.
Includes venue hire, zumba teacher, zoom video subscription and core operational costs.
Digital Music Production Project

(Planned Activity)
To enable adults to create and record their own songs which will improve self-esteem and their employment options.
Includes venue hire, music professional and core operational costs.
Cookery and Chocolate Making Course

(Planned Activity)
To provide exciting mental stimulation while broadening their skills and sense of fulfilment in life.
Includes venue hire, Fresh Beginnings CIC and Chocolate Gems.
Sports & Wellbeing Festival

In collaboration with Warrington Wolves Foundation.
To explore new activities to stimulate both physical and mental wellbeing.
Includes support of Wolves Foundation coaches, lunch, after party, core costs and fun day entertainment.
Christmas Party

A festive celebration for our community.
To ensure that adults of all ages are given the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.
Includes a two course meal for all attendees, decorations, gifts and core costs.
Nightclub Experience in Partnership with Macintyre

A safe and supervised nightclub experience.
Giving members the opportunity to access a social nightclub experience in a safe manner.
Due to the nature of this activity, the costs are covered by the members through an entry fee & supported by the nightclub.
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