Naveen’s Adventures

For the last decade you would be most likely to find Naveen working hard in the aisles of the Tesco Extra in Warrington. These days you can also find him working out in Zumba class and exercising his vocal chords at the singing group, Beautiful Noise. According to mum Lesley, Naveen has never looked back since he joined Creating Adventures during lockdown 2020. He has learned new moves, performed solos of his favourite songs, zoomed into parties and even tried his hand at making chocolate truffles. Lesley says, “They have all done so well whilst having fun too and the video they made was lovely.” Lesley originally got in touch with Founder Jenny Allcock after one of Naveen’s teatime carers suggested he might enjoy some of the activities and that it would be a break in routine for her too ( as well as Naveen Lesley also cares for her disabled husband so has little time to herself) Naveen is truly talented at the language programme Makaton which allows people to communicate easily and will be sharing his “super power” with the rest of The Adventurers.

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