Pete’s Adventures

Pete has always enjoyed performing and was a regular at karaoke nights entertaining audiences with his favourite renditions of 80’s and 90’s pop songs However when lockdown happened Pete found himself isolated with little to occupy his time. His support worker had heard of the Creating Adventures Choir and suggested Pete send an email asking to join. He was promptly accepted and his Wednesday afternoons were filled with music with Pete choosing to sing songs that he says “ reflected his mood at the time” Pete has a deep baritone voice and love of an audience. He is full of ideas and this year is keen we find a conductor to support our Choir Master Angie Smith. He also wants to perform the song “ thank you for the music” as a thank you to Jenny, Angie and Oliver for allowing him to join the choir which he says he enjoyed “ almost too much and was sad when it ended for the year”. Lots more planned Pete

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