Bethan’s Adventures

If ever there was a poster girl for Creating Adventures, it would be Bethan Mcdermott. She is vivacious and fun with a great sense of humour and joins in every activity with enormous energy and passion. Hard to believe that this lovely 28 year old lost her confidence during lockdown and went through quite a tough time.. Only gentle persuasion from her loving family and the warm encouragement of Founder Jenny Allcock coaxed Bethan into trying Creating Adventures activities. Initially Bethan was not feeling herself and so she observed activities accompanied by mum Barbara (and the now legendary Auntie Mary) but gradually she joined in Choir and loved the friends she made. Mum Barbara has nothing but praise for the role Creating Adventures played in returning Bethan’s to her usual bubbly self and she says, “Bethan joining Creating Adventures has been the best thing. We love seeing Bethan how she is now and want to thank Creating Adventures for all their encouragement.”

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